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Vocalist Karen Gray

For vocalist Karen Gray, every performance is an act of love: She loves the songs, she loves the collaboration with fine musicians, and she loves her audience.

Karen's vocal style is sensitive and smart. Each tune is delivered with right-on intonation and a true jazz sense of timing.

Washingtonian magazine described Karen as a "tip top vocalist." And Just Jazz Guitar magazine gave a highly flattering review of Karen's "lovely vocal stylings" after an impromptu performance with internationally acclaimed guitarists Jimmy Bruno and Howard Alden.

Her exciting new CD, Just About Everything, features pianist Wayne Wilentz, guitarist Donato Soviero, bassist Tommy Cecil, drummer and vibraphonist Chuck Redd, saxophonist Lyle Link and percussionist Roberto Berimbau.

Karen has been featured on many of the Washington area's most exciting stages and at events including:

"A tiptop vocalist" &mdashWashingtonian

Karen has established a following of loyal listeners through her long-standing weekly gig (since 2002, Fridays at Sala Thai in Bethesda) and performances at other popular jazz venues, including:

Thanks to her affection for the songs and her affinity with the listeners, Karen is an audience favorite, and a popular lead singer for all size jazz and swing ensembles performing at public and private events.

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