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Rev. Karen Gray at the podium

God is On High.
God is Right Here.
God is Goddess, Spirit, the Universe,
   All That Is, the Divine.
God is in YOU. God is Reflected as You.
God takes Action through You. And Me.

I believe in a powerful loving God, the Creator of all that is. Each of us is a unique expression of this One Loving Power. Each of us has important attributes and talents to share.

True happiness is found through nurturing our connection with Spirit and making a daily practice of reclaiming our own divine attributes. Each of us is powerful, creative, blameless, and beautiful.

I am an InterFAITH minister. Emphasis on FAITH.
Interfaith. Inner Faith. OmniFaith. Just Faith. That's all.

As an Interfaith Minister, my mission is:

To be of service, to anyone, on any spiritual path, at any point on that path, without any thought that he or she ought to be somewhere else. There are many paths to God. I am honored to support you on yours.

As an Interfaith Minister, it is my privilege to:

As an Interfaith Minister, I want:

To help people know their power. I want to teach people to work with the power that is theirs for the taking. The power of the Universe. The power of the Divine partnership with Spirit.

The abundance and generosity of the Universe remain largely untapped. It's like money left sitting in a bank account. But there's no secret access code. It's just there. Use it. It's infinite.

Over the years, as I've learned to work with this power, I've found again and again that my life can be transformed in any way I choose. As soon as I get clear on what I want, and once I get full of the expectation that I WILL GET what I want, it comes to me. Not in exactly the way I envisioned it. I usually get something much better than my imagination had conjured up.

This power is for EVERYONE, not just for me.

God has put me in the right places, with the right experiences, to learn how to use this power to create the life I want. AND God has provided me with the means and methods to make this possible for others.

I have no secrets about this. I have information and experience and a mission to be of service helping others understand and use this power to improve their lives.

As an Interfaith Minister, I am here:

To help. To heal. To love. How can I serve you?

Check out these prayers. They work for me. Let me know what you think. Or share your own favorite prayers. I would love to hear from you about this.