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Questions & Answers

Here are my answers to questions posed by prospective clients:

Q: How much does Coaching cost?

A: Coaching fees range from $100 for single sessions to $150-$450 for monthly packages, tailored to your specific goals and needs. During your free consultation, we can discuss this and figure out the right plan for you.

Q: How long will we work together?

A: This is always up to you. Some clients work for just a few months to achieve something specific. For more substantial goals, we might work together for six months or more. Still other clients choose to work together on an ongoing basis, because having a Coach, a constant ally, helps them to be more productive and peaceful at all times, not just during times of transition or special challenges.

Q: What do you expect from me as a client?

A: I expect you to maximize the return on your investment! This means that I expect you, as my client, to:

Prepare for our Coaching Calls:

Dedicate Time and Attention to our Coaching Conversations:

Continue the Process Between Calls:

Track Your Progress:

Keep Me Informed: